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Terry Baum

(playwright/actress) has been writing plays since 1972, on issues ranging from gay and immigrant rights, anti-semitism, and medical-ethical dilemmas to the eternal pursuit of love. Critics have compared Baum’s writing and performing to Woody Allen, Bea Arthur, Eve Arden, Spalding Gray, Lily Tomlin, Hunter Thompson, Norman Mailer, and Godzilla – but never in the same review.

In 1974, Baum founded Lilith, a San Francisco women's theater collective, which she led for five years. In 1979, Lilith toured Europe, including the Festival of Nations and the Munich Theater Festival. In 1980, Baum wrote Dos Lesbos, A Play By, For and About Perverts with Carolyn Myers. Baum co-starred in the original production, and this two-woman tour-de-force played for two years. Dos Lesbos has been published, translated into Dutch, Swedish, and Italian and continues to be produced around the world.

In 1983, Baum premiered her solo drama, Immediate Family at the First Women's Theater Festival in Santa Cruz. She has toured all over the U.S., Europe and Israel with this tale of a woman's struggle to have her dying lover removed from a respirator. Immediate Family has been seen at festivals in Europe, and NYC. Since being published in Places, Please, the first anthology of lesbian plays, it has been translated into French, Dutch and produced all over the world. A film of Baum in Immediate Family has screened at gay film festivals in Berlin, Milan and SF.

In 1986, Baum moved to Amsterdam, where she created One Fool or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dutch or the Astonishing and Terrifying Adventures of a Yankee Dyke in Amsterdam. Baum has taken One Fool all over the world, with successful runs in SF (‘88), Toronto (‘90), NY (‘96). One Fool was chosen one of the 10 best plays of 1988 in SF, and was published in Tough Acts to Follow, an anthology of gay one-act plays in 1992.

In 1996, Two Fools, or Love Conquers All – Not!, the romance of two women who can’t legally live in the same country, premiered in SF. It was published in Intimate Acts (1997), and had two successful runs in NY (’98 & ‘99) and was produced by Theatre Rhinoceros in SF (2004). Waiting for the Podiatrist, a solo play with songs and puppets, premiered in SF and toured to Oregon, Ohio, and Holland in 2003. This one-woman farce portrays a mother and middle-aged daughter wrestling with whether to pull the plug on the comatose father whose toenails desperately need clipping.

In 2004, Terry Baum ran for U.S. Congress on the Green Party ticket. She received the highest percentage of the vote of any small-party write-in candidate for Congress in history - 2.9%! Baum’s play about the campaign, Baum for Peace, premiered in Ashland, OR, ran in SF in 2006, and played in the 2007 NYC Fringe Festival.
In 2011 Baum ran for Mayor of San Francisco.


Carolyn Myers

(playwright/actress) directed her first play at age 8, idealistically (if misguidedly) produced
A Raisin in the Sun with an all-Caucasian 8th grade cast in junior high, collectively created a politically charged high school musical in 1968, and was the first student playwright to have a main stage production at UC Santa Barbara with Jimmy Sodacracker (directed by Terry Baum and winning The Norman Lear College Comedy Writing Award).

She has been an active member of many theaters companies known for producing original work, including: The Isla Vista Community Theater in Santa Barbara; Lilith - SF’s internationally renowned women’s theatre of the 1970’s and 80’s; Mixed Company Theater in Ashland, Oregon, and The Hamazons, a beloved all-women improvisational troupe. For 15 years, she directed (Planned Parenthood’s Teen Theatres in Southern OR, for which she received regional, state, and national recognition for health education.

Currently, Carolyn (with Terry Baum) is half of the performing duo A Coupla Crackpot Crones, pioneer funny feminists who perform sketch comedy and improvisation. The Crackpot Crones have performed in CA, NY, Oregon and New Mexico. They have been part of the Women on the Way Festival, The Nat’l. Queer Arts Festival in SF, the “Lesbians in the 70s” conference at CUNY, the National Gay & Lesbian Archives conference in LA, and Fringe NYC.

Carolyn has written 9 plays and countless sketches. Her full-length comedies Girl Talk and Hot Flashes (both written with Dori Appel) are published by Samuel French, Inc. Dos Lesbos (created with Terry Baum and Alice Thompson) was published in the first anthology of lesbian plays: Places, Please. An Italian production was featured in Rome for EuroPride 2000 and offended the Pope. Carolyn’s epic poem “She Bop” was made into an animated film by Joanna Priestley. Carolyn has directed over 20 premieres of original plays and one-person shows, and has taught acting, improvisation and writing to an encyclopedic variety of performance enthusiasts.

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