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Andy Wenger (Roger in BRIDE, Thiago in PAIR) has a long and illustrious career in various nooks and crannies of the Bay Area's small/underground theaters and otherwise designated performance spaces. He performs with 915 Cayuga, Darkroom Productions, FoulPlay, and writes and directs shows with his own quaint little company; Hampants Productions.
Annie Larson (Governess in BRIDE) Recently performed as Clytoristra,in the Thrillpeddler’s revival of the Cockette’s musical, Hot Greeks, and she is proud to be in her second production with the Thrillpeddlers. Annie writes original material, performed at the San Francisco and Vancouver Fringe Festivals and the San Francisco Diva Fest. Other favorite roles include characters developed with George Coates Performance Works, in San Francisco and New York, including the world premier of Valerie Solanas’ Up Your Ass. Recent roles include Hannah Pitt, Rabbi Isidor Chemelwitz, and Ethel Rosenberg in Angels in America, Pat in the US premiere of Michael Frayn’s Here, Electra in Gypsy, and Madame Zeroni in Holes. Annie performed for over 25 years with Over Our Heads, the world’s longest running women’s improv comedy troupe.She has trained with Stephen Drewes,Amy Mueller and studies voice with Ava Victoria (NATS).

Bonni Suval (Celeste Montaigne in PAIR) has a severe case of Broadway Tourette's Syndrome and is proud to share it with a willing audience. She has performed onstage in various incarnations since the bawdy age of 4.5! Most recently she performed in a trifecta of Cockettes musicals, winning a BATCC award for her work in Vice Palace. She has sung in avant-garde bands, tap danced at fairs (and with Mink Stole at NYC's Lincoln Center library last fall), and has played her fair share of theatrical bad girls. Hot Fruit!

Bruna Palmeiro (Leonor in PAIR), born in Curitiba, Brazil and moved to San Francisco in 2006. She has worked with theatre groups in Brazil since 1996 and has performed in San Francisco with troupes such as The Primitive Screwheads, The Gretta Foundation, and The Belrose Theatre. Bruna has taken two years of filmmaking classes at The San Francisco School Of Digital Filmmaking and she specialized in writing, directing, and acting. She is an on-going student at City College Of San Francisco and is taking her master in Theatre Arts. She works with film and television and is starting her first writing project which will be presented on stage in 2013. Bruna is fond of Grand Guignol and is very glad to be working with The Thrillpeddlers and excited to spill blood on stage one more time.

Christian “Hepcat” Heppinstall (Company Stage Manager) is the former artistic and executive director for both Alaska Theatre of Youth and Theatre Artists United, both in Anchorage, Alaska. He recently directed Snow White and the Seven Dwarves for Palo Alto Childrens Theatre. He is the founder of two youth touring programs: Young Shakespeare and The Inner Circle. These tours took place in Alaska taking both Shakespeare and the message of HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention to youth from Seward all the up to Fairbanks. He was awarded a Best Educator award by Planned Parenthood, the Red Cross Real Heroes Award, and was honored by the Municipality of Anchorage Assembly for his work in youth theatre. As a director he specializes in directing Shakespeare and musicals. His work in live gay political satire can be seen on Youtube in Midnight Soapscum, the 13-episode satire set in San Francisco that tackles all sexual political issues including Prop 8 and DADT. He recently stage managed Back It Up Productions’ Project: Lohan, Marat/Sade and will stage manage the upcoming productions of The Fourth Messenger by Tanya Shaffer and Vienna Teng followed by Tom Swift’s A Marriage at New Conservatory Theatre. He holds an MA in Theater Criticism, History and Theory from Brigham Young University.

Dalton Chase Goulette (Alistair in BRIDE, Matheus in PAIR) has been involved in theatre for many years but Shocktoberfest has to be the most absurd and enjoyable of them to date. He has been deemed "honorary thespian" by the international Thespian society and served on their state board for 3 years. Also awarded "Best Supporting Role" at Northern Arizona University. Past roles include Tom Sawyer in Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Coneybear in 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, and many more. He would like to thank Alice and Christian "Hepcat" for their continuous support and Russ for the opportunity to work with such an insane, strange and all around awesome group! Oh, and hi Mom! Love ya!

Flynn DeMarco (Director COALS, Randolf in BRIDE, Lark in PAIR) has been performing since his star turn in the Cromwell Valley Elementary School production of The Fat Cat. Since then he has performed in many productions in SF with The Sick and Twisted Players, Theater Rhinoceros, Artfull Circle Theater and others. In 2000, He moved to New Orleans to found the Running With Scissors theater company. While with the Scissors he won a Big Easy Award for Best Actor in a musical for his performance as Hedwig in Hedwig and the Angry Inch as well as a dual Best Director Award for Bad Seed and Sordid Lives with his partner Richard Read. Returning to San Francisco after Hurricane Katrina, he adapted and directed a stage version of the horror classic, Bride of Frankenstein. Soon after he was welcomed into the Thrillpeddlers fold and has been along for the ride ever since with roles in Pearls Over Shanghai, Shocktoberfest!! 2010: Kiss of Blood, Vice Palace and Shocktoberfest 12: Fear Over Frisco. He is delighted and honored to be a part of this kooky family.

Jim Jeske (Dr. Stygian in BRIDE) is pleased and happy to join Thrillpeddlers once again, this time as the diabolic Dr. Stygian in Bride of Death and as one of the pair of mummies along with Annie Larsen in the I'm a Mummy number..  You'll have seen Jim before.  Remember the dancing pig in Thrillpeddlers' Hot Greeks?  You do?  Well, that was Jim!  Um . . . okay, how 'bout the cackling cokehead in Vice Palace?  Jim, again!  Awright, one more -- do you recall a drunken naval Captain whose fake mustache kept threatening to fall off?  You DO?  Right on!  That was Jim, too!  Gosh, you've been to all Thrillpeddlers shows, haven't you?  Jim heartily endorses your way of choosing to spend your Thursday, Friday, and Saturday evenings!

Leigh Crow (The Wife, Singer - “Those Beautiful Ghouls”) was last seen here at the Hypnodrome as Divina in Vice Palace, for which she won the 2011 Bay Area Theater Critics Circle Award. She has been entertaining for nearly 25 years in many forms. You may remember her internationally known drag king character Elvis Herselvis. A gifted impersonator, she has channeled, among others, John Travolta, Elizabeth Taylor, Ernest Borgnine, Eydie Gormé, and William Shatner. Come see her play with the 60s revival band The Whoa Nellies ( You can also catch her in the all-drag live stage version of tv's Roseanne (Wednesdays at Rebel through Nov. 14th)

Lisa Appleyard (Mrs. Delvinto in PAIR) is excited to be back onstage with Thrillpeddlers after having just played the role of Mrs. Ova in this spring’s Hot Greeks. Prior to that, Lisa understudied and went on for all three of the Warblin’ Robins Sisters in Pearls Over Shanghai. You may have seen Lisa in past productions at 42nd Street Moon where her credits include Lady Be Good (Josephine van der Water), Destry Rides Again (Dimples/Mrs. Claggett), COCO (Jeanine/Docaton), and Girl Crazy (Patsy). Other favorite roles include Sheila in A Chorus Line, Frenchy in Cabaret, June in Chicago, Tess in Crazy for You, and the title role in Gypsy. Having played so many scantily clad women in the past, she wonders why she always has to keep so many of her clothes on here. When she is not onstage, Lisa inhabits the role of Mom to Julian and Austin and has taught middle school drama for the past dozen years.

Michael Phillis (Playwright of BRIDE,Tim in BRIDE, Fly and Rat in PAIR)is an award-winning actor, writer, and solo performer. Recent Bay Area theater credits include Truffaldino Says No with Shotgun Players and the Master in NCTC's production of Wish We Were Here, which he also wrote. His plays and solo shows have been produced in the Bay Area, New York, and LA and he has written over a dozen short plays for children which have been performed at the Thrillpeddler's Creepshow Camp. Upcoming projects include the world premiere of circus-fusion fairy tale Wunderworld with Sara Moore and a musical collaboration with Thrillpeddler and original Cockette Scrumbly Koldewyn. To learn more please visit

Nancy French (The Wife in COALS [alternate], Mrs. Offal in BRIDE, Darcy in PAIR, Vampira in “Those Beautiful Ghouls”) was first hired by Russell Blackwood on her birthday in 1994 at the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival.  Since then Nancy and her alter-ego Clammy Faye have performed all over this town with bands, drag queens and other motley talents.  Ms. French enjoyed playing 5 different roles during the 22 month run of Pearls Over Shanghai – where, through the magic of theatre, she was able to go from being a whore to a virgin on any given weekend. She would like to thank Wednesday and Tuesday.

Nicholas Torre (Lighting Designer, specialty props, board operator)has worked on 4 shocktoberfests (including this one), 3 Amber Martin shows.  Lighting Designer, Prop Builder, Special F/X and Spook show.

Rory Davis (Ignatius in BRIDE, Fly and Rat in PAIR)is a San Francisco-based choreographer. His renegade drag/dance troupe Exhibit Q regularly headlines at the legendary Trannyshack party. As resident choreographer for Peaches Christ since 2009, his work has been performed at the DeYoung Museum, the Castro Theater, New York, Los Angeles and Manchester England.  Specializing in dance for non-professionals, his "Roryography" can be spotted in corporate videos, flash mobs and vogue battles.

Russell Blackwood (Producer/Director of BRIDE and PAIR, McKenzie in PAIR) produced and directed his first Grand  Guignol horror play twenty years ago with his own adaptation of the 1926 shocker The Laboratory of Hallucinations. That production led him to found Thrillpeddlers with his boyhood friend, Daniel Zilber. He’s produced and directed for Thrillpeddlers ever since.  In 1999, the duo produced the first Shocktoberfest!!, Thrillpeddlers annual Grand Guignol spectacular.  Four years later, Thrillpeddlers launched the research web In 2004 Russell and his husband, Jim, opened The Hypnodrome to be Thrillpeddlers’ home. Producing and directing Scrumbly Koldewyn’s three Cockettes musicals:  Pearls Over Shanghai, Hot Greeks, and Vice Palace were other delightful milestones for Thrillpeddlers along the way. Russell’s productions have played throughout the US from NYC to Alaska, as well as England, Taiwan, and South Africa. Other directing credits include Otello and Carmen (Berkeley Opera); The Pirates of Penzance (Lamplighters); Ex-Lovers, Strangers in Paradox, and Women Behind Bars (Theatre Rhinoceros); Cabaret and Medea (Shotgun Players); and productions for the SF, LA, and Lake Tahoe Shakespeare Festivals. He earned his BFA in Acting from Boston University.

Scrumbly Koldewyn (Music Director/Composer) was a founding member of The Cockettes and composed many songs for Pearls Over Shanghai, Vice Palace, Hot Greeks, and other shows. In the 80s he performed and composed for The Distractions, and then for 25 years with The Jesters Vocal Trio, touring extensively in Europe. He composed for approximately 40 original theatrical productions, including The Jesters' Singing Fools, and has been an accompanist/musical director and performer in theater and cabaret since the mid 1970s. Shows he created include The Untamed Stage (1920s Berlin Cabaret) in 1999 and Wilde Boys at NCTC in 2007 (BATCC awards for musical direction and best production-musical). Awards include the BATCC for original music (1981), two SF Bay Area Cabaret Gold Awards with The Jesters ('91 & '92), and the Dean Goodman Choice Award 2000 for Cabaret performance (Goldfield & Koldewyn). Currently, he is music director at Stagebridge in Oakland and New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco.

Steve Bolinger (Musician, Sound Designer)fulfills one of the conditions of his parole by performing for you this evening. Thank you for your public service.

Zelda Koznofski (The Companion in COALS, Cynthia in BRIDE, Android Ghoul) is frickin' pumped to die twice on stage in Shocktoberfest 13. She has been a Thrillpeddler since 2011; seen in Vice Palace: The Last Cockettes Musical, Shocktoberfest 12: Fear Over Frisco, and Hot Greeks. Turn-ons include: harmonizing, bacon, sarcasm and inappropriate touching. When she's not pulling focus at the Hypnodrome, she can be found in trilling jazz standards with abandon in locales of dubious distinction. Zelda is available for your next party!

Thrillpeddlers ( has been performing its unique brand of horror and fetish theatre in SF since 1991. Under the direction of Russell Blackwood, Thrillpeddlers is continuously engaged in translating, adapting, and producing classic plays from the infamous repertoire of Le Théâtre du Grand Guignol and producing other works inspired by the Grand Guignol tradition. In 2008, Thrillpeddlers embraced another niche theatrical genre with the company’s annual Theatre of the Ridiculous Revival. That same year Thrillpeddlers was invited to perform for NYC’s HOWL Festival with its productions of Charles Busch’s Theodora, She-Bitch of Byzantium; Charles Ludlam’s Jack in the Beanstalk; and Link Martin and Scrumbly Koldewyn’s Pearls Over Shanghai. Following this, a full production of Pearls was mounted in SF in 2009 and ran for 22 months. In the summer of 2011 the company revived another of Koldewyn's works, Vice Palace. The hit show (which was revived Winter 2012 ) won six Bay Area Critics Circle Awards and garnered the group's second trip to NYC to perform at the HOWL Festival, which also included a special performance at NYC's Lincoln Center. The company’s SOMA performance venue, The Hypnodrome, opened with Welcome to the Hypnodrome in 2004. Thrillpeddlers has produced wildly popular Grand Guignol bills including Blood Bucket Ballyhoo, Flaming Sin, Audacious Artefacts, Kiss of Blood, and the 2011 hit, Fear Over Frisco. Shocktoberfest!!, Thrillpeddlers’ annual pageant of terror and titillation, is now in its 13th year and has become a SF Halloween favorite. The company’s production history includes the American premiere of Clive Barker’s Frankenstein in Love, Mondo Andronicus (selected Best of the 1997 SF Fringe Festival), and a double-bill of The Medium and A Crime in the Madhouse (in Pretoria, South Africa). Thrillpeddlers has won the Guardian’s “Best of the Bay,” back-to-back “Best of San Francisco” awards from SF Weekly, and a coveted 2009 GOLDIE Award (Guardian Outstanding Local Discovery Award) from the SF Bay Guardian. In 2010, 7X7 Magazine named Thrillpeddlers “Best Underground Theater.” The company is also the purveyor, the most complete source of Grand Guignol info on the Net. In January 2012, Thrillpeddlers will perform in Rio de Janeiro in a co-production of The Bloody Debutante with Brazil’s Vigor Mortis theatre company.