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Andrew Darling is happy to experience his first foray into professional theater under the titillating tutelage of the Thrillpeddlers. When he is not naked onstage at the Hypnodrome, he spends his life naked in the woods, naked at the beach, or naked with Steven Satyricon. By day, he offers exquisite bodywork and exciting outings for children...usually not naked.

Andy Wenger is a director/writer/performer and co-founder of Hampants Productions. He invented the popular series Naked Dudes Read H.P. Lovecraft, and has written and directed 3 original shows (The Wrong Dick, R.I.F, The Safe Way). He co-wrote and performed DeathWrite with his Hampants partner Damien Chacona for Shocktoberfest 15:  The Bloody Debutante and writes and directs for The Hypnodrome’s Creepshow Camp.  He lives in SF’s Mission District with an obnoxious cat named Frankenstein.

Birdie-Bob Watt is a gadabout town and has been on the local scene for many years, performing in numerous San Francisco nightclubs, restaurants & theatres. Birdie has been waitress at various cafes (winning Best of the Bay Hostess in 1997), a disco denizen in many venues (Klubstitute, Nightclub Confidential, Trannyshack), and some of her memorable stage roles include Mary Haines in Jungle Red, Eve Harrington in Eve, and Christina in Christmas with the Crawfords, (all with Artfull Circle Theater). In 2009, The Bird joined the Thrillpeddlers during the 22-month run of Pearls Over Shanghai and since then has been a kingpin with the company, appearing in Hot Greeks, Vice Palace, Tinsel Tarts In A Hot Coma, and three Shocktoberfests; Kiss Of Blood, Fear Over Frisco, and The Bloody Debutante

Bruna Palmeiro was born and raised until age sixteen in the south of Brazil. Fascinated by the San Franciscan culture, Bruna, not surprisingly, fell in love fast and hard with the blood squirting, glitter ingesting talented and gender bending family: The Thrillpeddlers and Cockettes. Bruna grew up around theatre, carving her way through several different plays, including live classic horror film parodies, greek tragedies, children's fantasy acts, improvisational pieces, classic theatre, popular poignant feminist shows and more recently, The Cockettes vaudevillian drag musical extravaganza, Tinsel Tarts in a Hot ComaShocktoberfest 14 and 15 were both extremely exciting experiences for Bruna, for there's something about Grand Guignol that sets her soul on fire. And she looks forward to being swept away to Paris!

Christine Kim is thrilled to be a part of Thrillpeddlers for the first time. She was born and raised in Seoul, Korea until age 16. After that, she's been moving back and forth from the U.S. to Korea. She started acting as a child. Her credits include: You're a Good Man Charlie Brown, Pajama Game, Fiddler on the Roof, The Virtuous Burglar, The Crucible, Tell Me That You Love Me Junie Moon, and You Can't Take It With You.  She holds B.F.A in Acting from Hanyang University in Seoul.

Dee Nathaniel has been featured as a dead prostitute, the president and MC Hammer’s wife. She does a little dancing and singing and acting here and there but her biggest talent is her shameless lack of shame. She’ll do just about anything (seriously...anything) to make you laugh. Not only that, but she’s elicited the help of the Sparkleponies, a quirky burlesque troupe whose antics will entice and confuse you. She’s also been featured as a dancer in Top Guys with Hampants production.

Hayley Nystrom Hayley Nystrom is so excited to be traveling back in time to Paris in the '20's!  Hayley's past shows with the Thrillpeddlers include Shocktoberfest 15: The Bloody Debutante and Pearls Over Shanghai.  Other past roles include Mrs. Thistletwat (Avenue Q), Fauna (Sleeping Beauty or Coma), Renee (Vampire Lesbians of Sodom), Maggie (Lend Me a Tenor), Marty (Grease), and Chloe/Liza (Gay Bride of Frankenstein).

J Iness has been singing for twenty years, having taught himself to sing classically as a teenager during countless hours of mowing lawns. He began performing in San Francisco six years ago as a member of the Gay Men's Chorus and Vocal Minority, performing in all major venues in the city and greater Bay Area. The chorus introduced J to the world of drag and gave him the illustrious honor of being (he believes) the tallest drag queen to ever grace the stage at Davie's Symphony Hall. He spent the last two years as a chorus and principal singer with West Bay Opera and last Fall was in the cast of Ab Fab Live. This is his first Thrillpeddlers show.

Jack Crow made his debut as a dramatic actor in Shocktoberfest 14:  Jack the Ripper and was back the following year in Shocktoberfest 15.  All his previous theatrical experience was in musical theater and choruses, so Jewels of Paris is more familiar turf (he also speaks fluent French).  For some time now, Jack has played the role of "elementary school teacher" at various schools in order to participate in student productions.  His roles have included the friendless shark in Fish Make Friends, and the lonesome bear in The Bear Went Over the Mountain.  He has also been featured in various senior roles in high school productions of Oliver (Grandfather), Guys and Dolls (Uncle), and as one of the barbershop quartet in The Music Man.  Jack finds that his extensive experience with children and adolescents has ideally prepared him to work with the cast and crew of Thrillpeddlers.

Kim Larsen has been living and loving in SF since 1991. He has worked with Russell and Thrillpeddlers and many other theater companies since moving to town; appearing in far too many shows to list here, although it must include Madame Gin Sling in Pearls Over Shanghai as one of his favorite roles. He is also the publisher of the GayPocket San Francisco guide (please Like us on Facebook) and a long-time board member of Theatre Rhinoceros. He is currently on hiatus from the long-running musical revue Foodies! The Musical to spend a few months with the Jewels of Paris.

Lisa McHenry is making her Thrillpeddlers debut, playing Venus, Marie Antoinette, and a naughty nurse…so it’s pretty much like a normal night at home.  She has recently been seen as a featured performer at MoonlightingSF with the Lowbrowopera (which she co-founded), as the Fortuneteller in the Altarena Playhouse’s production of “Side Show” and in the Redwood City Symphony’s production of “Sweeney Todd”.  She also performs most nights in her one bedroom apartment/theatre; and her one-woman show “Hey Neighbors!!!” has made a strong impression with both critics and local law enforcement. 

Michael Soldier (aka Precious Moments) is a versatile character actress with a varied and sordid stage and screen resume. Ecstatic to be back at The Hypnodrome having performed in premiere runs of Pearls Over Shanghai as Chang and Hot Greeks as Lysistrata, he can also be found backstage giving makeup advice.  He last appeared with Thrillpeddlers as Auntie Social in Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma. This past year Michael played both Gertrude Stein and Dr. Kinsey in Homo File at CounterPulse and was a performer and creative director of The San Francisco Album Project. Find him next in performing/producing roles of this summer’s reunion tour of legendary drag rock band PEPPERSPRAY, and the upcoming Bollywood release of Jatt Pardesi. He also may be found on many websites that your parents should have blocked. Michael Soldier LMT has been a massage professional for 23 years.

Noah Haydon is very excited to be back on the Thrillpeddlers stage. Favorite shows/roles include Cabaret (The Emcee), You're a Good Man Charlie Brown (Snoopy), Ragtime (Harry Houdini), Gypsy (Tulsa), A Chorus Line (Mark) and Pippin (Lewis), Pearls Over Shanghai (Petrushka), Shocktoberfest 14 (Salome, Chorine #1) and Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma (Sally Snack). Noah won the 2014 Theatre Bay Area Award for Outstanding Choreography for Pearls Over Shanghai.  He has done commercials for MTV, Long's Drug Store and Jamba Juice, as well as voice over work for Microsoft, Bagel Bites and Banana Republic. Noah would like to thank his talented cast, his friends, his family, and Bobby for all the love and support.

Roxanne RedMeat graduated from Cornish College of the Arts with a BFA in Dance. While Roxanne is a native of San Francisco, she has graced stages from the Bay to Seattle, to New York City and back again. Since her return, she has kept busy choreographing and performing drag, dance, theatre, burlesque, and go-go. Roxanne is a core dancer for the bump and grind band, "Los Shimmy Shakers" and performs regularly with The Black Widows (A Gothic strip revue), and the burlesque army that is Hubba Hubba revue. Her most recent forays into drag have included Mahogany Mondays, Sex Drags & Rock and Roll, and The SF Album Project. She also played a Cave Girl on Creepy KOFY Movie Time.  Off the stage, Roxanne has been a repeat guest on 107.7 The Bone's "Ask A Hot Chick"  as well as She has also appeared several times on the burlesque webcast "SpeakEasily" with Odessa Lil. Roxanne has previously appeared with Thrillpeddlers as the purple whore in Pearls Over Shanghai and in the title role in Shocktoberfest 15:  The Bloody Debutante.

Russell Blackwood eagerly produced and directed the first Grand Guignol horror script he laid his hands on, resulting in his 1991 production of the 1926 shocker The Laboratory of Hallucinations.  This production led him to found Thrillpeddlers.  The theatre company went on to produce the American premiere of Clive Barker’s Frankenstein in Love, Mondo Andronicus, as well as A Crime in a Madhouse and The Medium in South Africa.  Since 1999, Thrillpeddlers have presented Shocktoberfest!!, San Francisco’s annual pageant of horror and titillation. In 2004, Russell and his long-time partner Jim Toczyl opened the Hypnodrome, Thrillpedders’ own custom-built horror theatre. 2008 began Thrillpeddlers rewarding relationship with Scrumbly Koldewyn and members of the fabulous Cockettes producing Koldewyn's Hot Greeks, Vice Palace, Tinsel Tarts in a Hot Coma and Pearls Over Shanghai which ran for nearly two years!  He has also directed for Theatre Rhinoceros, Shotgun Players, Lamplighters, and the L.A., Lake Tahoe, and San Francisco Shakespeare Festivals.  He holds a B.F.A in acting from Boston University.

Steven Satyricon is a go-go dancer, burlesque performer, genderfuck artist, and generally loads of fun (or a shit-ton of trouble). He is grateful to Thrillpeddlers for validating his life-long belief that he'd eventually find somewhere he could be pierced, tattooed, and also sing show tunes; his parents are smiling proudly at him, somewhere beyond. He is best remembered at The Hypnodrome as Captain Eddy in Pearls Over Shanghai, a role which he played in the 2008 New York workshop version, the long-running Thrillpeddlers production in 2009-2011, and most recently the 2014 revival. Steven has actually performed in every Cockettes revival to date, in addition to ‘drome productions Theodora: She-Bitch of Byzantium, Charles Ludlam's Jack And The Beanstalk, and Shockoberfest 2009.  Other Bay Area credits include Impact Theatre's The Play About The Naked Guy and Counterpulse/Light TAP’s The Unbearable Lightness Of Raya and Halloween! The Ballad Of Michelle Myers. In the past five years, Steven has also increasingly applied his flair for the dramatic to the arena of San Francisco nightlife as well, courtesy of his event production work with Past Curfew Inc. and GRGR Foundation/Real Bad. When he isn't peddling Thrills at the Hypnodrome and elsewhere—or perhaps even occasionally sleeping—he's serving your morning coffee at Maxfield's House of Caffeine.

Scrumbly Koldewyn (Composer, music dir., co-author) was a founding member/ performer of The Cockettes and wrote much original music for their shows. In the 80’s he performed and composed for The Distractions, and then for 25 years with The Jesters Vocal Trio, touring extensively in Europe. He composed for approximately 44 original theatrical productions, and has been an accompanist/musical director and performer in theater and cabaret since the mid 1970s. Shows he created include The Untamed Stage (1920s Berlin Cabaret) in 1999 and Wilde Boys at NCTC in 2007 (BATCC awards for musical direction and full production-musical). Awards also include the BATCC for original music (1981) two S.F. Bay Area Cabaret Gold Awards with the Jesters (‘91 & ‘92) and the Dean Goodman Choice Award 2000 for Cabaret performance (Goldfield & Koldewyn). Currently, he is music director at Stagebridge in Oakland, and New Conservatory Theatre Center in San Francisco. He has written much additional music for Thrillpeddlers’ revivals of The Cockettes’ Pearls Over Shanghai, Hot Greeks, Vice Palace, and Tinsel Tarts In a Hot Coma.

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