MIZ CRACKER is a NYC drag queen, writer and comedienne. She launched her drag career in 2011 while participating in marches for marriage equality in Times Square. She went on to compete in RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 10, landing a spot in the top five and becoming a fan favorite. She now tours the world with her one-woman shows; delights fans on her YouTube channel; lectures on drag at top universities; cooks with Bon Appetit; writes for publications like Slate, ArtForum, Vice and GQ; and engages over a million followers on Instagram and Twitter. Cracker describes herself as a “Woman’s Lifestyle Brand,” and is a vocal advocate for women’s rights. Her forthcoming solo show, American Woman, discusses how drag queens and gay men can become better allies to women in an age when Feminism is more important than ever.

From reality TV star as a contestant on RuPaul's Drag Race as the controversial star Phi Phi O'Hara, to founding Queens United, a charity which has already raised 100k for helping others, to creating a project called 365 Days of Drag where a new head to toe art piece was created daily, to releasing Fever Heart his full album successfully breaking the Top 10 chart for R&B, Jaremi Carey has proved there is nothing he can't do and he isn't stopping now. This NYC based artist has put his heart and passion into his music and art whether he is himself, or his alter ego Phi Phi O'Hara; there is one thing he is guaranteed to do and that is to leave you entertained."

DETOX, born Matthew Sanderson, is a world-renowned drag queen, best known for her sharp fashion sense and sharper wit. Detox was a semi-finalist on the 5th season of RuPaul’s Drag Race, as well as on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season II, and regularly performs in venues across Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, and South America. When she’s not on tour, Detox is walking runways at NY Fashion Week, making guest appearances on TV shows, and vacationing in exotic locales. Detox appeared in music videos with Ke$ha, Rihanna, and Lady Gaga. Detox, along with Willam Belli and Vicky Vox, released Chow Down at Chik-Fil-A in response to Chik-Fil-A’s public opposition to same-sex marriage. The song was a success, reaching No. 12 on Billboard Comedy Digital Songs chart, and the music video, which attracted over 8 million views, and garnered coverage by Forbes, Huffington Post, NY Magazine, and many other outlets. Following the success of Chow Down, Detox, William Belli and Vicky Vox began performing together as DWV. Their videos Boy is a Bottom (No. 6 on the Comedy Digital Songs chart), Silicone, and Blurred Bynes, among others, have accumulated over 45 million views combined. Detox has also released several solo songs, including This is How We Jew It, Homemade for the Holidays, and Supersonic, all of which charted and have several million views. Her digital series, Detox’s Life Rehab, premiered in Nov. 2017 on WOW Presents Plus. Detox’s new EP features singles including She’s Gotta Habit as an exhibition of her penchant for fashion, #SueList, and I Like It Like That, all of which feature outrageous videos on couture, litigation, and relaxing as topics near and dear to Detox’s heart. Detox has a substantial social media following, with over 376,000 followers on Twitter, over 39,00 followers on Facebook, and 1 Million followers on Instagram.

MIGITTE NIELSEN drag daughter to Roxy-Cotten Candy, and part of the "House Of Glitter", got her start in 2014 at Cookie Dough's Monster Show stage at The Edge Bar in San Francisco. Since then you can see her performing and raising money for charities all around the city, from Heklina’s Mother on the Oasis stage to Aunt Charlie’s Fundraisers. In 2016 Migitte became the first ever cisgender female to be Grand Duchess of SF. Since stepping down from Grand Duchess in 2017, she has continued to support both the SF Ducal Council and the SF Imperial Court in their fundraising efforts. Her next adventure is to put in an application to run for and hopefully be the first ever cisgender female Empress in February 2020. Femlins is her first co-starring role in a Peaches Christ Production.

Peaches Christ is a filmmaker and cult leader living in SF. Her infamous movie events are self-produced at the Castro Theatre and regularly draw over 1,000 attendees to each new production before they tour. Events have featured special guest stars John Waters, Cloris Leachman, Bruce Campbell, Barry Bostwick, Pam Grier, and more.  Peaches is the alter- ego of Joshua Grannell, the writer and director of the feature film All About Evil. The award-winning dark comedy gore film stars Natasha Lyonne, Thomas Dekker, Cassandra Peterson, Mink Stole, and Peaches Christ. Peaches has been featured in the films Milk, I Am Divine, Diary Of A Teenage Girl, Mansfield 66/67, Tura!, and more. to date on her latest projects and upcoming shows at (IG, FB, Twitter, Youtube) @Xay_Xem!

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